AQEX Token- Purchase,utility and benefits

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The AQEX token will be available to purchase on the Aquarius exchange.

You can purchase the AQEX Token by depositing either fiat or cryptocurrency on the Aquarius Exchange. Click here to know the acceptable currencies.

** Please refer to our supported jurisdictions**


The AQEX Token is a functional utility token designed for the Aquarius platform. The token has been subject to a Smart Contract audit and is licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authorities (LFSA).

The AQEX Token serves our community in five ways as a/an:

  1. Payment token used to pay monthly memberships at 50% discount that will keep the exchange running;
  2. Proportional reward to those serving the community through the price discovery process (traded volume);
  3. Means of providing a stable “on-ramp” for individuals that reside in countries with illiquid and/or volatile fiat currencies;
  4. Inclusive governance proxy that will determine how monies will be allocated from the charity wallet; and
  5. Reward to holders who have supported our vision through direct investment in our token as well as those who have earned them through traded liquidity. (Link of Aquarius White Paper )

AQEX Tokens are not securities. AQEX Tokens are sold as a digital asset, similar to downloadable software, digital music, and alike. We do not recommend buying AQEX Tokens for speculative investment purposes. You should buy AQEX Tokens to participate in the Aquarius platform.


The AQEX tokens can be used to pay for your monthly membership at a 50% discount.


Membership fees will be auto deducted on the 1st of every month from your AQEX token balance. If there is insufficient AQEX token balance, we will send you a reminder to purchase the AQEX token. If not purchased, the fee will be deducted from the other cryptocurrencies you may hold with us.


Note: Aquarius tokens purchased through the private pre-sale will be allocated within 24–48 hours of the FIAT deposit being received. Please ensure the money is transferred from a bank account registered in your name only.

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