Purchasing an Aquarius Membership

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How do I purchase an Aquarius Membership?

You can either pay using your available AQEX tokens, fiat currency, or cryptocurrency.

The Aquarius Monthly Membership Fee is $25 using AQEX Token, or $50 if using fiat or other cryptocurrency.
Ensure you have USD 25 worth of AQEX tokens or 100 AQEX tokens in your account before the first of each month.

Aquarius Monthly Membership fees will be deducted at 12.00GMT on the first day of each month, following the month that you joined.
Aquarius will deduct the full Monthly Membership Fee from the tokens you hold in your account.  

In the event you have FIAT and crypto balances other than AQEX, the membership fee will be deducted from those balances as per a pre-defined hierarchy.

You will receive the discounted membership fee by purchasing AQEX tokens from the platform with your available fiat or cryptocurrency funds.  The AQEX tokens will be deducted from your balance. 

Can I use crypto to pay for my Aquarius Account Membership?

  • You may use accepted cryptocurrency to pay your Membership but the best form of Membership payment is with the AQEX Tokens to get the 50% discounted membership
  • You are able to exchange any of your crypto for AQEX Tokens on the Aquarius Trade Platform.

  • You can also EARN AQEX Tokens. Trading on the Aquarius Trade Platform earns AQEX Token rewards.
  • The more you trade, the more AQEX Tokens you earn.

  • The process of paying Membership by the AQEX Token and being rewarded by the AQEX Token for trading on the Aquarius Trade Platform increases the utility of the token, helping to give it more value, in turn benefiting the Aquarius ecosystem and its community.

What happens to my Digital Currency assets in my Aquarius Account if I do not pay for the Membership?

Your Membership fee is auto-deducted on the 1st of each month in the amount based upon your membership plan, first in AQEX Tokens (50% discount) or equivalent in other currencies (no discount). 

If you do not hold enough of either AQEX token or currency to pay for the monthly membership, your trading account and withdrawal facility will be suspended until you deposit funds to pay for AQEX Token (or use other currency without discount) for the Membership fee. If the fee is not paid within 6 months, we will formally close the account and withdraw any remaining currencies to cover the processing costs and other fees associated with account closing.  

If you wish to cancel your membership, please submit a ticket here.

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