Chart Basics

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  1. Dragging to the background of the chart to the right will pan back in time.


  1. Dragging down on price (right bar) will shrink the chart vertically, dragging up will increase vertically.

  1.  Dragging to the right on the time scale (bottom bar) will compress bars, dragging to the left will expand bars.

  1. Double-click the background of the chart to reset the chart to default sizing and spacing.


  1. Auto-scale mode: compressing and expanding the price scale as well as dragging the chart vertically where bars are out of view takes the chart out of auto-scale mode.

  1. Double-clicking on the chart background will return the chart to Auto-scale mode.

  1. Auto-scale with studies: disregards studies and only keeps chart bars when panning the chart.

  1. Auto-scale without studies (blue): keeps chart bars and studies when panning the chart.

Chart Toolbar

Crosshair mode, Tooltips, and Cursor Value

  1. To help highlight objects beneath your cursor on hover, enable crosshair mode by using the button in the toolbar.

  1. Hover over a bar or study to get a tooltip of the underlying data from that bar or study.

Add a Study

  1. Add a study using the +Study button in the chart toolbar or at the top left-hand corner of the chart.

  1. The dialog to manage charts will open with the +Study tab selected.

  1. Type in the entry field to filter available studies.

  1. Select a study and hit the Add or Add + Close button.

  1. Recently used studies are easily accessed in their own section.

  1. Use the Add button when you want to add multiple studies, use the Add + Close button or the X in the upper right-hand corner when finished.

Managing Objects on the Chart

  1. The reason for the On Chart dialog is to have a single dialog where you can see everything that is visible on a chart and add, remove, and manage studies instead of having to go to five different right-click or preference entry points.

  1. To add/remove studies or show/hide objects on the chart, click the gear icon in the chart toolbar.

  1. A number appearing beside the gear indicates how many studies are shown on the chart.

Remove a Study

  1. Remove a study by using the drop-down next to the study name either in the On Chart dialog or on the left side of the chart.

  1. On Chart:

  1. Left side of the chart:

Auto-scale with studies on chart

  1. A new toggle button switches between auto-scaling with or without studies when panning the chart.

Countdown to End of Bar

  1. Open the Manage Chart dialog from the gear icon in the chart toolbar.

  1. Check the Bar countdown (intraday) option in the Objects list.

  1. A countdown timer will appear below the last price in the price scale.

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